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Tim Collingwood
November 02, 2018
You have probably heard of Secure Sockets Layer or SSL as it’s known in its acronymic form. SSL is essentially what allows websites or web applications to be served on https:// rather than http://. SSL actually has an updated replacement, Transport…Read more
Tom Lofts
October 25, 2018
Back in 2016, Tesco Bank and its customers were victims of an attack where more than 9,000 accounts had money stolen – over £2 million in total. The attack has recently been in the news again after the bank’s security practices were reviewed by the…Read more
Mark Hall
October 04, 2018
The recent news story I read about the Arran Brewery which have experienced a major ransomware attack reminded me of why tape backups are still a vital part of our overall backup strategy.

In the above story, Arran Brewery’s data was…
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Tom Lofts
August 22, 2018
When discussing common attacks on web sites and web applications, you may have come across the term SQL Injection, but never been clear about exactly what it means or how it happens. This blog post takes you through the types of vulnerability we…Read more