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Tim Collingwood
May 25, 2018
On the 8th May 2018 at their I/O ’18 developer conference Google unveiled something that I thought was truly a glimpse of the future and an amazing demonstration of what Google have been able to achieve with Artificial Intelligence (AI). What they ‘…Read more
Mark Hall
May 18, 2018
I recently listened to a podcast of the BBC Radio 4 In Business program entitled ‘Out of Office: The Rise of the Digital Nomad’ ( The program got me thinking about how rapidly digital technologies are…Read more
Tom Lofts
May 10, 2018
If you’ve come across a website with the message ‘your connection is not private’ or ‘your connection is not secure’ then you’ve already experienced first-hand some of the difficulties which occur when trying to keep communication on the web secure…Read more
Tim Collingwood
May 02, 2018
Recently we have been implementing two Drupal patches, which were labelled as ‘Highly Critical’ ( / Without disclosing details of the patch Drupal even warned website…Read more