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Mark Hall
July 03, 2019
The chances are, if your organisation has been in existence for a few years, you will have some legacy systems or applications running somewhere on your network. Although best practice says that you should look to upgrade, migrate or replace older…Read more
Mark Hall
May 23, 2019
For any organisation, the protection of their data and online assets is increasingly important and implementing effective deterrents is essential. Too often organisations only increase their security measures after they have been the victim of a…Read more
Tim Collingwood
November 02, 2018
You have probably heard of Secure Sockets Layer or SSL as it’s known in its acronymic form. SSL is essentially what allows websites or web applications to be served on https:// rather than http://. SSL actually has an updated replacement, Transport…Read more
Tim Collingwood
August 13, 2018
According to reports compiled by SplashData the password ‘123456’ held the top spot for the worst password for 2015, 2016, and 2017. The runner up in the worst password stakes for all three years was ‘password’....Read more
Tim Collingwood
July 26, 2018
If you have a web application it’s highly likely that at some point somebody will have tried to hack it. Whether a hacker has simply attempted to login with a made-up username and password or tried an advanced Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack, an…Read more