Existing System Support

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Oxford Web Applications are able to provide ongoing support and further development for a range of internet technologies. It is not unusual that technology companies decide to no longer support applications which they have developed, for a number of reasons. We are able to provide an initial review of an existing application and either agree to provide support and ongoing development or offer a migration path to one of the latest technologies.


We understand how important it is for applications to remain secure, therefore it is sometimes necessary to upgrade or migrate an application to a new platform if security updates are no longer available or provided by the technology company.

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Supported Technologies

Oxford Web Applications are able to support applications developed using a range of enterprise and open source technologies which include:


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Hosting and Secure Data Transfer

Oxford Web Applications provide fully Managed Website Hosting services from UK based Data Centres. We offer a fully managed service to our clients for a fixed annual cost. Our services include the provision of servers, managed bandwidth, 24x7 active monitoring and optionally 24x7 application monitoring and response.

The hosting services are managed and supported by our own UK based full time team of IT specialists.

Oxford Web Applications also have experience of setting up and managing secure methods of exchanging data between client's in-house systems and externally hosted applications. We can assist clients who need to set up Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), database replication or other bespoke solutions for securely exchanging and transferring data.

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Monthly Security Protection

To ensure the web applications we develop for our clients remain secure we offer our Monthly Security Protection service. Each month we will identify and install any operating system or middleware security patches which have been released and install these onto the host server and application on a monthly basis.

This service ensures that the host server and web application is kept secure from security vulnerabilities which have been identified and fixes released by the vendor.


Patches will be applied on a monthly basis by default. If a zero day exploit for any of the items covered is disclosed during the month and the vendor recommends immediate patching, then we will apply the update once we are happy that it is stable.

Talk to us about Existing System Support

If you have an idea for a web application, or if you already have a specification for a web application that you would like to be developed please get in touch to see how we can help.