Mobile App Development

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Oxford Web Applications offer professional design and development services for mobile and tablet apps. All mobile and tablet apps are developed to deliver content and functionality to users through an intuitive and optimised interface.


We develop apps for the Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Mobile platforms. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure the latest device features are integrated with your mobile app. Apps can be released into the public app stores or restricted for use within an organisation using an enterprise app store.

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Why Work With Oxford Web Applications

Our friendly team of technology professionals have extensive experience in developing public facing apps, available within app stores, and enterprise apps which are restricted to the use within an organisation. Based on your requirements for your app we can advise on the most suitable development approach as well as advising on the suitability of your app for app store release.

At Oxford Web Applications, our approach to mobile and tablet app development ensures we provide our clients with apps using the latest technologies whilst retaining a user-friendly interface.

We use Adobe’s PhoneGap framework which allows us to develop hybrid apps using web technologies. Undertaking this development approach provides several benefits:

  • Reduced cost compared to developing individual apps for multiple platforms.
  • Reduced cost of updating apps compared to updating individual apps on multiple platforms due to having a single code-base.
  • Enables us to more easily create a unified experience across platforms.


You can view some of the mobile and tablet apps that we have developed for our clients over on our projects page.

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Integration with Existing Data

Our web based approach allows us to securely integrate your mobile or tablet app with data from external sources. This enables you to share data across multiple platforms providing users of the app with a seamless and consistent experience.

External data can be integrated into mobile or tablet apps from a variety of sources such as back office systems, websites, and third-party sources using a range of integration techniques including Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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App Testing Service

As technology companies continue to add new features and improvements to their mobile operating systems it’s important to ensure that your mobile and tablet app continues to function as intended.

To help ensure that your app continues to keep providing the functionality required, we provide an App Testing Service that will help identify issues with the key functions of your app for both major and minor operating system releases from Apple, Android and Windows.

The App Testing Service which is undertaken manually by Oxford Web Applications’ in-house team has been designed to ensure that your mobile or tablet app's key functionality will continue to work for end users following the release of major and minor operating system updates.

Our App Testing Service is an annual agreement which includes:


  • Testing of all key app functionality for one major update release per mobile operating system (iOS / Android / Windows) in BETA stage per annum.
  • Testing of all key app functionality affected by minor mobile operating system updates (up to three per annum per operating system).
  • An optional allocated amount of development time for fixes to be applied by our development team for major functionality issues identified as part of the App Testing Service.

Talk to us about a Mobile App

If you have an idea for a mobile app, or if you already have a specification for a mobile app that you would like to be developed please get in touch to see how we can help.