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Oxford Web Applications have been developing secure enterprise web applications since 1995. We offer a complete solution from initial project scoping, through to the development, fully managed hosting and support of your web application.

Web applications provide a great solution for organisations who are looking to streamline existing digital or offline processes. Efficiency savings can be made by automating processes which can also reduce the need for data replication.

Users can interact with web applications across a range of platforms which include desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We understand the importance of data security and we develop web applications in accordance with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards.

We provide a customised solution so that the web application is tailored to your business needs and ensures they work in a way that suits your organisation to provide the most efficiency.

You can see some of the web applications that we have developed for our clients over on our Work page.

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Supported Technologies

We are experienced in developing web applications using a range of enterprise and open source technologies which include:

  •     PHP
  •     ASP.NET
  •     Adobe ColdFusion
  •     Microsoft SQL Server
  •     MySQL
  •     Symfony
  •     Drupal
  •     Wordpress
Interconnected data and interfaces

System Integration

To help provide the maximum efficiency from your web application we can design and develop integration solutions to allow your web application to interact securely with third-party systems, whether they are back-office, external, custom systems or Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

We can work closely with third-parties to help create solutions to transfer data securely, and reliably, across multiple systems whilst ensuring the integrity of the data being exchanged.


We understand the importance of keeping your web application and associated data safe and secure. Our team can provide expert advice and skills to ensure that data is only transferred using recognised industry standard secure technologies and appropriate resilience is also built into the processes.

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Project Management

We view good communication as a key part of the success of any web application development project and our approach to project management is based upon this.

As part of our project management approach we will provide full details of your Project Manager and they will provide a consistent point of contact for the duration of the project. The Project Manager will then outline the key milestones for the project as well as providing timescales and highlighting any areas of the project where client actions are required.

The appointed Project Manager will provide regular updates to you on the progress of your project as well as being available to deal with your queries via email or direct line telephone number.


Throughout the project we will host regular internal project review meetings. If requested we can arrange access for you to attend an internal project review using remote meeting technology.

Application Support

Application Support

We provide comprehensive support for the web applications we develop, starting with an inclusive 12-month warranty against any bugs or errors. 

Application support is provided by the same UK based team who develop the web applications, so you can be confident that the knowledge we have gained is used to keep things running smoothly. We operate an online helpdesk which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and also a dedicated support telephone line which is available during business hours.

We understand that all web applications are different and our clients expect different levels of support to meet their requirements. The application support agreements we provide are flexible and we aim to provide the right level of support when you need it, ensuring that your web application is always available and remains secure.

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Fully Managed Hosting

We provide fully managed web application hosting so you don’t need to worry about finding separate suppliers to host your web application.

Providing the hosting for your web application means that you will have a single point of contact, who will fully understand the hosting setup as well as the web application itself, negating the need for multiple support agreements with different suppliers. 

Our hosting is provided from two independent UK based Tier 3 and Tier 4 datacentres. The datacentres are ISO 27001 Information Security Management certified.

We have been providing hosting services since 1996 and they are managed by our own UK based team. We include 24x7 monitoring of the hosting environment and aim to provide 100% uptime of the web applications we host and manage for our clients.

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Monthly Security Protection

To ensure the web applications we develop for our clients remain secure we offer our Monthly Security Protection service. Each month we will identify and install any operating system or middleware security patches which have been released and install these onto the host server and web application.

This service ensures that the host server and web application is kept secure from security vulnerabilities which have been identified and fixes released by the vendor.

We install security patches on a monthly basis by default. If a zero-day exploit is disclosed during the month we will apply the update once we are happy that it is stable. This ensures that your applications can remain as protected as possible from the latest known vulnerabilities. 

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Existing Web Application Support

If you already have an existing web application then we can provide ongoing support, hosting and future development for it. Our team are skilled in a range of web technologies allowing us to provide support for your existing web application.

It is not unusual that technology companies decide to no longer support applications which they have developed, for a number of reasons. We are able to provide an initial review of an existing application and either agree to provide support and ongoing development or offer a migration path to one of the latest technologies.

We understand how important it is for applications to remain secure, therefore it is sometimes necessary to upgrade or migrate an application to a new platform if security updates are no longer available or provided by the technology provider.

Talk to us about a Web Application

If you have an idea for a web application, or if you already have a specification for a web application that you would like to be developed please get in touch to see how we can help.